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MEET THE 2023-2024 BOARD


Paul & April Sthormes

  • 12th year homeschooling two children

  • 11th year with CHEF of GNO

  • 8th year serving on the Board


Responsible for the overall functioning of the organization; presides over all meetings of the Board of Directors and CHEF Meetings.  Coordinates the dates of activities and functions sponsored by the organization; oversees the work done by any individuals or organizations whose services are contracted by this organization. represents CHEF of GNO to all outside entities in the community. Assists in monitoring social media FB group and website.

Vice Presidents
Shawn & Jennifer Willson

  • 11th year homeschooling four children

  • 8th year with CHEF of GNO

  • 4th year serving on the Board


Responsible for executing functions of the President when said officer is unable to carry out a given responsibility and such duties assigned by the President.  Creates and oversees activity list.   Assigns members to committees (activity coordinator and assistants).  Remains in contact with coordinators of activities.  Assists in monitoring social media FB groups..

Shawn & Jen Willson.jpeg

Burt & Mandy Hazeltine

  • 18th year homeschooling four children (including two graduates!)

  • 8th year with CHEF of GNO

  • 3rd year serving on the Board

burt mandy.jpg

Records all business conducted at board or general meetings and submit such records to the President: Prepares the minutes of the meeting in writing to be sent by email to all members of the board, Responsible for sending out and forwarding emails to CHEF of GNO as a whole. Monitor and oversees CHEF social media accounts.. 

  • 16th year homeschooling three children (including two graduates!)

  • 16th year with CHEF of GNO

  • 1st year serving on the Board

image0 (3).jpeg

Jerry and Francoise Dupre

Responsible for maintaining financial records of this organization, for payment of bills of the organization, for providing regular financial reports, membership payments, and for preparing the annual budget. Responsible for issuing out payments to coordinators who organize events with budgets upon providing receipts to prove costs. Submits 990 N form for maintaining our 501C3 non profit status

Have you considered serving on the CHEF of GNO board?  You can find the full requirements and duties of each office in the bylaws.  We work together and support each other!  Send us an email with a brief description of yourself and why you would like to serve on the board! 

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