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Coordinators: April Sthormes, Tara Guy, Cristina Nettles, Sharae Armand, Amy Missios, Francoise Dupre, Amy Short, Mandy Remes, Jodie Ellis


Please read this in its entireTY


We are so excited to announce that our 2nd CHEF of GNO Teen Formal will be held at First Baptist Kenner in the Fellowship Hall on Friday, April 8th.  This is a private event for homeschool teens, ages 13-19.

Friday, April 8, 2022

6pm to 10pm

(pictures from 5-6)

First Baptist Kenner Fellowship Hall

1400 Williams Blvd

Kenner, Louisiana 70062


THEME:  Under the Sea


COST:  $30 per ticket

***The $30 fee (per person) is non-refundable if you change your mind about participating after this date. (3/08). 


Tickets will be sold in the following order:

  • CHEF of GNO Members (Ages 13-19) beginning Friday, February 18th

  • Plus One of CHEF of GNO Members (Ages 13-19) beginning Friday, February 25th

  • Homeschool Teen (Ages 13-19) beginning Friday, March 4th

Your RSVP is not valid until your order form is filled out and tickets are paid for. 


Max capacity is 60 teens.  At 60, we must close the RSVP list and start a waiting list.


GUESTS/Plus One:  Homeschooled teens are permitted to bring a Plus One.  Parent-approved opposite gender Plus One may come if there is room.  Your Plus One can be any teen between the ages of 13-19 regardless of school/homeschool. 

Dates are neither encouraged nor prohibited.  If your teen would like to bring a plus one of the opposite gender and you feel comfortable with it - this is permissible.  NO SAME GENDER PLUS ONES.  CHEF does not encourage “dating” and we would like to be clear that this is by no means “a date-type” event.  No family should feel like their teen needs to find a plus one to go with them to this formal.  In fact, many (if not most) will probably not have a guest.  




Boys must wear a coat, dress shirt and tie, slacks and nice shoes.  A sports coat is fine.  A suit is fine.  Absolutely no shorts, jeans, t-shirts, polos, ripped/distressed clothing, or old tennis shoes can be worn.  New dress tennis shoes are permitted.


Girls must wear a dress: Floor length dress preferred, (not mandatory).  Other options: prom dress (mid-thigh or longer, high/low) and dress shoes or heels.  No pants, slacks, or pant suits.  Anyone wearing anything skintight, see-thru, shorter than mid-thigh or inappropriately low cut will not be permitted to enter the formal.  Dresses with high leg slits or plunging necklines will not be permitted.  Strapless is permitted, two-piece dress is permitted as long as it’s not a crop top with midriff exposed. 


If questionable, feel free to email for pre-approval to  I would like to reiterate that modesty should be at the forefront.  We will check dress code at the door, and WE WILL TURN AWAY those who don't follow it.


MUSIC: appropriate (non-explicit) pop, dance, hip hop, and alternative music will be played throughout the night. Song requests will be taken beforehand and previewed for appropriateness.  Dancing is permitted (and expected)!  Song requests with suggestive lyrics, drug use, drinking, or language will not be played.  Clean versions will be played when possible! Please use the link below to request songs!!!  You can submit multiple requests!


PICTURES: Pictures will be taken from 5:00pm-6:00pm.  We will have a professional photographer offering various picture packages that you can purchase. Please plan to arrive at 5pm if you would like professional pictures taken. We will only offer pictures for one hour. You must be in line no later than 5:45pm.  No pictures will be taken after 6pm so please plan your group photos accordingly. 


FOOD: Light party food, hors d’oeuvres, dessert, and refreshments will be available.  We are working on having food donated.  If you have any contacts with a local restaurant that would be interested in donating food, please reach out.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit and can provide a tax-deductible receipt.


We will need as many hands as possible to help in the days leading up to the event!  If you are able to help in any way, please use the signup genius link!  We will need some heavy lifting (preferable dads) to help set up tables and chairs the Wednesday before the dance.  The day before, Thursday, we will need help during the morning and daytime decorating.  The day of, Friday, we will need parents to help pick up food and drinks from designated restaurants.  Volunteers will also be needed at the check-in table and to chaperone.

Signup genius link:

Facebook Group for Parents:

We have opened up a facebook group for parents to communicate about the formal.  After you have purchased your tickets, you may request to join!  2022 CHEF of GNO Teen Formal - Under the Sea | Facebook

All in attendance must complete the waiver below.  Parents, please be sure that you have signed and completed the waiver.  If your child is 18 or older, he or she 6w1must sign their own waiver.  You will receive a waiver with your physical ticket, or you can print using the link below. THANK YOU!

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